Youths continue protest against govt’s incompetence to deal with coronavirus crisis


KATHMANDU: Youths have yet again gathered in and outside Kathmandu to peacefully protest the incompetence displayed by the government in dealing with coronavirus crisis.

Independent groups of young people will be assembling in peaceful protests at various places across the country demanding that government take the accountability for taking right measures to contain the spread of the virus which has already infected thousands and caused the death of 15 people in Nepal.

The protests will be carried out following physical distancing protocol and other safety measures.

Peaceful demonstrations will take place on Thursday and Friday across major cities and towns in the country.

In Kathmandu, people gathered around Bhatbhateni and Baluwatar areas, marched with slogans, and carried placards that expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the manner in which government handled the COVID-19 situation in the country.

The protesters have come out into the streets with a strong message that they will not tolerate laxity or corruption at a time when the whole country is facing negative impacts of what might be one of the biggest challenges in human history.

Some glimpses of today’s protest: 


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