US Department of State claims international students welcome in the US


KATHMANDU: After introducing a new order stating that foreign students must leave the United States if classes go fully online, the US Department of State is now saying that international students are welcome in their country!

According to new regulations released Monday by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), foreign students have been barred from taking online lessons.

Following criticisms for the ICE restrictions on international students, the US State Department has issued a statement calling the measures temporary, however, without any easing of the measures.

“The Department of Homeland Security has announced its plan for temporary modifications to F-1 and M-1 nonimmigrant visa requirements for the fall 2020 semester. This will allow a mixture of both in-person and some online coursework to meet the requirements for nonimmigrant student status,” said the Department in a media note.

It further stated that “This temporary accommodation provides greater flexibility for nonimmigrant students to continue their education in the United States, while also allowing for proper social distancing on open and operating campuses across America.”

This move by the US government will affect thousands of foreign students amidst the unprecedented public health crisis that is going on in the world.

“International students will still have to obtain the appropriate visa and may still be subject to other visa processing or travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Students should check with the local US embassy or consulate for information specific to their country.”

Furthermore, the Department goes on to say that US has been the destination of choice for international students, and they are pleased that many of them — who had planned to study this fall in the United States — may still have the opportunity to do so, all the while introducing the order which won’t make it easy on the students.

International students who have invested much time and money have tough days ahead of them. They will either have to abandon their studies, transfer to another institution which will have its own challenges, or risk being deported!

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