Thapa directs Nepal Police to fulfil people’s expectation


Kathmandu, December 13

Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa has directed Nepal Police to carry out duties and responsibilities to fulfil needs and aspirations of the public.

Speaking at the convocation of the 10th batch of post graduate diploma in Police Science organised in National Police Academy today, he said it was the duty of police personnel to act transparently and fairly by exercising maximum restraint amid various challenges. “All ranks and files of Nepal Police can play vital role in realising the vision of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepal’, while complying with the policies and directive principles of the state in relation to protection and promotion of constitutional fundamental rights and human rights,” he said.

Minister Thapa suggested that controlling crime would lead to protection and promotion of human rights. He asked Nepal Police to ensure that there was no violation of human rights in the course of neutralising unlawful and criminal activities. “There is no option but to further strengthen public trust in Nepal Police through accountability and engagement. A small negligence by one policeman can prove detrimental to the image of the security body. Therefore, no one is allowed to shrug off his/her duties and responsibilities,” he warned.

He also claimed that the Community-Police Partnership programme adopted by Nepali Police had succeeded in maintaining peace and security in society through systematic collaboration between the security agency and people. Scope of this approach include community sensitisation and crime prevention, police-school liaison programmes, effective security coordination on local level service, instalment and expansion of technical security devices, including CCTV cameras, effective mobilisation of police, integrated mobilisation of volunteers, creative support of community in arresting absconding criminals, information exchange, data collection and updating, environmental protection and controlling exploitation of natural resources. Burning issues of cybercrime, violence against women and children, rape and attempted rape, organised crime and road safety have remained priority areas of intervention.

Minister Thapa said his ministry was serious about equipping Nepal Police with scientific and technological resource to enhance its capacity to investigate crime. He also praised the security agency for its commitment, bravery and integrity in maintaining peace and security in the country, regardless of limited resource and means.

Inspector General of Police Sarbendra Khanal said the security agency was committed to realising the national campaign of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali’ through dependable security arrangements by preventing and controlling unlawful activities. He said Nepal Police would never compromise on law enforcement. “Nepal Police has been successful in solving various complicated cases since its inception and its recent crackdown on transnational criminal networks also substantiate this fact,” he said.


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