Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984 release delayed, Inception rereleasing


KATHMANDU: Warner Bros has decided to delay the release of Christopher Nolan’s espionage thriller Tenet and Patty Jenkins-directed superhero film Wonder Woman 1984 while re-releasing Inception in US theatres.

Tenet was one of the much-anticipated release of Warner Bros that stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Caine, Clemence Poesy, Dimple Kapadia and Himesh Patel among others. According to PTI its release has been delayed by two weeks — scheduled to hit the theatres on July 17, it will now be released on July 31.

Likewise, Gal Gadot-led DC superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed by from August 14 to October 2. Originally set to release on June 5, it was pushed back to August due to the coronavirus-induced theatre shutdown.

And to mark the 10th anniversary of Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster Inception, the studio is re-releasing the film in the US theatres on July 17, informs PTI.

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