Shout out to entrepreneurs! Ratan Tata is back and ready to invest in your startup


It’s been five months since
Ratan Tata invested in any
startup but now the
Tata Sons emeritus is back.

Ratan Tata said he is going to interact with
entrepreneurs and invest in startups soon.

"Entrepreneurs missed you in the last 5 months. We took your support for granted," Kalaari Capital’s Vani Kola told Tata during a session at the VC firm’s annual event in the city.

“When I retired in 2012, I hit upon investing and interacting with startups as a new phase. I left the big business behind. I became excited by the innovation, passion. It stimulated me. The last five months have put me forcibly in the older world. I long to be back in the startup community with a vigour,” said Tata.

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