Seventeen mark 5th anniv with good deed


KATHMANDU: On May 26, 13-member group SEVENTEEN marked their fifth anniversary, and they did so with a good deed.

According to Soompi, SEVENTEEN donated to children and adolescents in need, specifically supporting education for the youth, including educational mentoring for children of multicultural families, scholarships, and cultural and arts education.

SEVENTEEN commented, “May 26 is a very meaningful day to us, and as much as we are spending time with our fans, Carats, we want to share the love from them as well as our hearts so that there can be more people chasing their dreams.”

SEVENTEEN previously donated to the regional centre for children in Eunpyeong district on their third debut anniversary. On their fourth anniversary, SEVENTEEN participated in the sponsorship of a campaign that ensures safe housing rights for children.

Meanwhile, Koreaboo reports that released a self-made music video on May 25 in honour of their fifth anniversary. The video was made to their song Snap Shoot from their most recent full-length album An Ode.

Soompi notes that the video’s credits are a unique part that well encapsulates the group’s personality. Each role in the video-making process, including director, producer, editor, and stylist, is listed as being fulfilled by member Mingyu. Carats are offered a special thanks at the credits’ completion.

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