Ranipokhari benefits from the lockdown


KATHMANDU: Reconstruction work of Ranipokhari — a historical and archaeological monument — has seen steady progress amidst the lockdown.

There had been some difficulties in bringing the workers to the site and other issues of steady work pace, however, the reconstruction of the pond is expected to be completed within two weeks now, National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) stated.

With the construction of Balgopaleshwar Temple in the middle of the pond just completed, the reconstruction has now reached its final stage. The temple was designed in ‘Gumbaj style’ before it was damaged by the earthquake. It is now being reconstructed in the ‘Mallakalin Granthkut’ (peak) style.

With the completion of major activities, Ranipokhari will be filled with water, informed Rajuman Manandhar, an archaeological engineer of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA). He added that the work of the pond should be completed before the onset of rains.

NRA has laid black mud – brought from Bhaktapur — on the bottom of the pond and laid bricks on it to avoid the possibility of water stagnation on the ground surface of Ranipokhari.

It is believed that the black soil will prevent water in the pond from leaking.

There were controversies about casting of cement in Ranipokhari while the project was under the supervision of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. However, there has been no dispute since the National Reconstruction Authority and the Department of Archeology took charge of the reconstruction.

Reconstruction work is underway to open the temple during the  Tihar festival.

Steady re-establishment of the historic monument is shown in the featured pictures below:

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