Prepared Food Focus: Cooking With Coffee


Coffee is still trending hard with the beverage found in everything from chocolates and other sweet treats to savory specialty foods. To help please all of your coffee loving customers, consider creating special dishes with the magical elixir. 

But just like choosing coffee to drink, you need to pick the right kind to suit your recipes. The flavors can range from subtle to boldly assertive with hints of wine, fruit, smoke, nuts and many others notes—so choose the beans or combinations that suit your tastes and recipes. 

High grade coffee often works well for cooking but at times, using ground coffee in aromatic rubs for grilled steaks, ribs and chickens is a great choice. Not only does coffee add flavor, the powdered beans caramelize and turn into a delicious crust to help seal in the juices. Even powdered coffee has its place as a way of intensifying the coffee flavor in a dish without adding additional liquid. 

Here, find three original coffee inspired recipes.

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