PM must prove his non-involvement in Baskota case: Gagan Thapa


KATHMANDU: Addressing the controversy surrounding now former Minister of Communication and Information Technology  Gokul Prasad Banskota, lawmaker Gagan Kumar Thapa has said that there’s more to the issue as the chapter doesn’t end with Baskota’s resignation.

“It is no longer about Gokul Baskota’s resignation, the moe important thing now is for the Prime Minister to prove that he was in no way involved in this case,” the Nepali Congress lawmaker said.

“Until that happens, there is no means for us to be assured. And by we, I do not mean any specific party. I mean the entire country that needs assurance.”

Thapa further stated that looking at the circumstances and the series of events that unfolded, it would be very difficult to rule out the suspicion that all these things were taking place without the knowledge of the PM.

“This matter cannot be dismissed with somebody’s resignation. We will not let it go of this issue until we reach a logical end,” said Thapa before exiting the Federal Parliament premises.

Early on Thursday morning, reports of Baskota’s involvement in a commission-scam had surfaced. Baskota tendered his resignation to the PM without facing the press in the afternoon.

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