Over 3000 Covid-19 cases reported in Nepal in the last 7 days


KATHMANDU: The reported number of coronavirus infection cases around the country continues to surge steadily every week as debates continue on whether or not the pandemic has entered a community transmission stage. In the last seven days slone, 3182 additional cases had surfaced, as per the Health Ministry’s data.

Nepal witnessed the biggest single-day spike, yet, on Friday, with as many as 740 new infections being reported on the day.

The Covid-19 case tally from Sunday, June 28 to Saturday to July 4 stood at 12,772, 13,248, 13,564, 14,046, 14,519, 15,259, and 15,491 respectively.

The following table shows the data of new and total cases in the country:

Date New Cases Total cases
June 28

June 29





June 30 316 13564
July 1 482 14046
July 2 473 14519
July 3 740 15259
July 4 232 15491

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health and Population shared that 463 additional cases had been reported while the additional numbers confirmed on Monday till Thursday were 476, 316, 482 and 472.

Likewise, on Friday, a massive 740 cases were reported while the count was pulled to a significantly lower number on Saturday, with 232 cases recorded on that day — the lowest single-day cases the country has seen in a while.

As the infections are increasing day by day and, by default, week by week, the country is still in a partial lockdown with several essential services operating.

On Saturday, coronavirus had been detected in drainage water in two places of Kathmandu Valley. In the samples collected from four places in the Valley, samples from two places came out positive for the virus. Report of a research conducted by Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal ‘Environmental Surveillance of COVID-19’ revealed that coronavirus was found in the drainage water.

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