NY-based jewellery designer Arpana steps up to helpmigrant workers


KATHMANDU: Nepali jewellery designer Arpana Rayamajhi has stepped up to help stranded Nepali migrant workers.

The New York-based artist and model has shared on her Instagram story that she is “putting some of my work on sale to help out the crisis back home”.

Rayamajhi has set 40 per cent off on select jewellery pieces that are under the category ‘Nepal COVID-19 Relief’ on her website to help with the crisis. “Fifty per cent (of proceeds) from the sales will go for the relief of these folks who are relying on civil and community effort. I will be helping out @maggiedoyne and @storiesofnepal in their effort.

Please check out my stories for more info,” she shares on her Instagram and Facebook posts.

“I would like to draw your attention to my stories where I briefly talk about the migrant crisis that Nepal has been facing since the country went on a lockdown over two months ago,” writes Rayamajhi in the same post.

“Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers and their families have had to walk for days and weeks with nothing, no food, no water, no access into their own homes and are stranded at the border. The crisis is getting worse and many people are mobilising to help.”

She has put more light on the issue in her Instagram story. “This pandemic has been a very testing time (to say the least) for most for us. But for a lot of us it has been about life or death not because of the disaster but because of the onslaught of problems the lockdown has created.” — HNS

Read her post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAsouM5hDSx/

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