Nine additional cases take COVID-19 tally to 516


NEW DELHI: India said on Thursday that Chinese troops had stood in the way of regular Indian patrols along their disputed border in flare-ups at two locations this month and called for stability on the front line.

The two countries have in recent years taken steps to build confidence between their militaries while expanding commercial ties. But the border remains an unresolved issue over which they went to war in 1962 and tensions erupt sometimes.

Troops briefly skirmished nearly the eastern Indian state of Sikkim earlier this month and have also been locked in a weeks-long face-off in the Galwan region in the western Himalayas.

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KATHMANDU: A government website operated by the Nepal National Library was hacked and defaced by a hacker on on May 21.

Those trying to access the website on May 21 were shown a black page with a message in green from the hacker who calls himself Shamharoosh. It warned that the hack was only “the beginning of the game” yet again exposing the poor security of government websites.

Just this past April, a hacker group by the name of @satan_cyber_god had hacked the websites of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Muslim Commission, Central Library and made their login details public.

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SYDNEY: Australia quick Pat Cummins wants cricket‘s lawmakers to approve the use of an artificial substance to shine the ball after a ban on the use of saliva was recommended in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis.

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) cricket committee has recommended the ban on the use of spit when the sport returns after the coronavirus shutdown because of fears it could lead to the spread of COVID-19.

Cricketers have long used saliva and sweat to shine one side of the ball, altering the aerodynamics in an attempt to generate movement in the air as it flies towards the batsman.

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Kathmandu, May 21

The government has issued the COVID-19 Unified Hospital Operation Order-2020 to utilise Nepal APF Hospital as a unified health facility for the treatment of patients infected with novel coronavirus.

The order was developed and issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 2 of the Infectious Disease Act- 1964. The order has come into effect with its publication in the Nepal Gazette on May 18.

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Kathmandu, May 21

Twenty-nine more people were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus today, including 23 from Jhapa district. With today’s addition, the number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal has jumped to 457.

All those testing positive for the respiratory pandemic in Jhapa are men aged between 17 and 55 years.

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