NHRC urges govt to follow WHO protocol for quarantine facility management


KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to implement the guidelines for operation and management of quarantine following the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO).

The constitutional body has also nudged the government to carry out fast-paced health checkup of people in quarantine and shift them to safer places.

Issuing a press release on Monday, NHRC secretary Ved Prasad Bhattarai called for the use of Central Relief Fund by maintaining adequate coordination with provincial and local levels.

The three levels of governments have also been urged to take necessary steps for making every health centre and hospital fully secure in view of health safety standard and to remain alert to prevent the infection from spreading.

As per the WHO’s quarantine management guidelines, arrangements should be made for appropriate and adequate food, water and sanitation; the minimum required system for prevention and control of infection should be implemented and the monitoring of the health situation and the fulfillment of minimum requirements should be ensured.

Similarly, quarantined persons should be provided spacious enough single rooms as far as possible, physical distance should be maintained, arrangements should be made for communicating and talking to family members, provisions should be made for internet, news and entertainment facilities as far as practicable, psycho-social assistance should be provided and special attention should be given to children, people with disabilities and the senior citizens.

NHRC said in course of its monitoring, it found that quarantine centres lacked adequate nutritious food, drinking water, toilets, appropriate accommodation, health care and other basic needs. It said an individual’s basic human rights were found restricted as there was no proper management of these basic needs at quarantines.

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