New species of lizard discovered in Peru national park


LIMA: Scientists have discovered a new species of lizard in a protected natural area in Cusco, southeastern Peru, national park officials said Monday.
“Otishi National Park reveals a new species of lizard to science,” the National Service of State-Protected Natural Areas said in a statement.
The new species, named “Proctoporus titans,” was found high in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 3,241 meters (10,600 feet).
The lizard is dark gray with yellow and gold flecks on its sides and head. It has a tail that is longer than its body, and grooved dorsal scales and prefrontal scales.
The Otishi National Park is a protected area in the Cusco and Junín region, covering almost 306,000 hectares (756,000 acres) of mountainous forests.

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