Netflix to continue streaming 365 Days amid calls for its withdrawl for glorifying sex trafficking


KATHMANDU: Netflix has decided to stand by Polish film 365 Days that has been accused of glorifying sexual trafficking, kidnapping rape. Netflix announced to continue streaming the movie on July 3 amid calls for its withdrawal including by British singer Duffy who said it glamorised “the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape”.

According to the Reuters Welsh singer-songwriter Aimee Duffy, known as Duffy, released an open letter on July 2 to Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings, raising her concerns about the film that is based on a bestselling Polish book trilogy by Blanka Lipinska. Described as an erotic drama, the film follows a woman, played by Polish actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who imprisoned by a Sicilian mafia boss, played by Italian actor Michele Morrone, who gives his hostage a year to fall in love with him.

“It grieves me that Netflix provides a platform for such ‘cinema’, that eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a ‘sexy’ movie,” Duffy, who this year published her own account of being captured and raped, was quoted as writing by the Reuters. “Tragically, victims of trafficking and kidnapping are unseen, and yet in 365 Days their suffering is made into an ‘erotic drama’, as described by Netflix.”

A petition being set up on calling for the movie to be removed from Netflix followed her letter.

365 Days debuted on Netflix last month to strong viewing numbers.

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