Nepali Women Bag Prestigious Awards


Aswini, Nishu, Sabitri and Alaiza have been chosen for their respective categories


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International Golden Awards 2019: Nepali Women Bag Prestigious Awards

The 6th edition of ‘International Golden Brand Award 2019‘ went on a grand scale at Orchid Country Club in Singapore.

The grand award ceremony, hosted by TKS & SONS Singapore, saw awardees honored in various categories including Fashion Choreographer, Event Director, Dance Choreographer and Youth Entrepreneur.

Aswini Jha, Nishu Jha, Sabitri Khatri, and Alaiza Maharjan from Nepal were chosen for these prestigious awards.

Aswini Jha, Nishu Jha, Sabitri Khatri, and Alaiza Maharjan

International Gold Brand Award 2019 – Aswini and Nishu
Ashwini Jha is a fashion choreographer with a decade-old presence in the Nepali pageant industry, while Nishu is a well-established pageant director who presented various pageants under the Ribbon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Lady of Excellence Award 2019 – Sabitri Khatri and Alaiza Maharjan
Sabitri is a dance choreographer with good hands-on experience in movie direction. Whereas, Alaiza Maharjan, winner of Mrs. Glam Nepal 2018, is a youth entrepreneur and a social activist.

All four awardees received the honor in Arts and Culture category.

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