Nepali celebs unite in video to help returnees get home safely


KATHMANDU: Nepali celebrities and influencers have urged citizens to welcome Nepali returnees at the southern border with love and respect and help them get back to their homes via a video message.

A video by Bidhan Shestha was released on May 30 where media personality Malvika Subba, actors Karma and Shilpa Maskey, Miss Nepals Sadichha Shrestha and Evana Manandhar among others have highlighted the ongoing issue at the border and urged public to help the returnees.

“Our Nepali brothers and sisters are on the way to returning their homes. Let’s show them respect and love at this point of time. And help them the way we can. If you are in the border area, please manage food and water for them,” Subba shares.

Sadichha Shrestha urges: “Help them as much as possible. If you can’t help, please don’t discriminate them.”

Karma shares, “We, together, are trying to return you to your homes without any problems.” Manandhar highlights the need for management of food and water and shelter for the returnees.

There are requests not to discriminate the returnees due to the stigma of coronavirus, but to welcome them with open heart, and help them as it is our responsibility.

This video is a #WelcomeHome campaign. “Thousands of Nepali people are crossing border everyday and there are still more to come. A lot of them are stuck with no food and water. And it’s our duty to welcome them home and provide the necessity as a rightful citizen,” writes Bidhan Shrestha on his Instagram.

He adds, “Instead of having empathy for them, people are spreading negativity and hate towards them. Please let us all raise our voice and aware people about it. That they are our own people and it’s their home too. Let’s welcome them with our open heart and show some love. And please help them in any possible way.”

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