Musicians here laud Dibesh, say he has done Nepal proud


KATHMANDU: Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn was the runner-up for the American Idol 2020 as Just Sam won the title in the finale held on May 17. Nevertheless, the 22-year-old singer made Nepal proud and has encouraged young and old musicians alike alongside putting Nepal on the global map through his performances.

“It is a proud moment for the nation,” shares singer Adrian Pradhan about Pokharel’s feat. The 1974 vocalist likes the texture of his voice and how he sings from the diaphragm, putting in his heart and soul.

It is not necessary to win, feels singer Deepak Bajracharya. Pokharel was already a winner for him when he had heard him sing CCR’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain in the audition. Being the runner-up is a big achievement and proof of “what young people can do if they get opportunities”.

Winning also doesn’t make a difference to rockstar Abhaya Subba Weise. Being on the global platform is the most important thing for her. “It was one the proudest moments of my life to see Dibesh out there — signing notes for notes with them and being accepted globally,” she shares.

Music is universal and he has proved that, shares singer Lochan Rijal who is happy for Pokharel and his achievement. As per him, one needs confidence to get there and Pokharel has it.

“I think he is bright and confident. He knows what he is doing,” Rijal says. “I see a global star in him.”
He is also thankful for Pokharel’s feat. “There are so many talents in Nepal but they are not getting the platforms,” Rijal shares. And Pokharel’s win could be that “motivation for young and old musicians that it is possible to achieve that”.

Representing Nepal and Nepali music environment with his originality has made sarangi player Kiran Nepali proud of the young singer. He feels Pokharel has a set a milestone and “shown where we can reach”.

Nepali-American singer-songwriter Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn. Photo: Facebook


The first guy through the wall always gets bloody, opines Subba-Weise. “He went through the process and got to the point where he came second,” she shares. She assures there will be more Nepali people participating in American Idol and other international platforms showcasing their talents.

The best part is that Pokharel put Nepal on the map in a prestigious way. “One of the judges even said, ‘If there are more people in Kathmandu who sound like you, please send them over here’,” adds Subba-Weise.

A screen grab of Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn, performing during the American Idol on Sunday. Photo Courtesy: youtube/americanidol

“People watching and following American Idol might not even know about Nepal,” Bajracharya points out. The way Pokharel established himself and put Nepal out there is a big thing in itself.

American Idol is a reality show. It has given births to many idols who have soared only to disappear from the scene later on. Pradhan feels if Pokharel maintains himself as a musician, he will be able to make himself known in the country and globally.

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