Monitoring attendance for quality education


BAJURA: A new practice of monitoring attendance for qualitative education has started in Jagannath Rural Municipality of Bajura district.

According to Binod Gaire, administrative officer of the rural municipality, the new practice was introduced to reduce student absenteeism and increase quality of education. After receiving public complaints such as students not going to school, leaving before the end of school day, teachers not paying enough attention to their teaching technique, the rural municipality found it necessary to makes the changes.

“There is absolutely no sign of improvement in education, so we are monitoring it closely to make this practice effective,” Gaire added.

According to the rural municipality’s employment coordinator Lakshman Joshi, representatives will directly monitor students’ progress and attendance for effective results.

Kali Bahadur Shahi, chair of Jagannath Rural Municipality, said that quality of education is receding due to financial crunch resulting in shortage of teachers. Regarding attendance, Shahi added, “We have asked students to carry attendance card in the morning and take it with them when they leave for the day.”

Pawan Kumar Rokaya, Principal of Saraswati Secondary School, said that necessary action will be taken against students who do not comply. This initiative to start monitoring attendance started at the school after students began bunking classes and walking in and out at odd hours.

Rural municipality chair, vice-chair, chief administrative officer, ward chairs, among others have personally started evaluating this closely with strict vigilance. Even teachers are on alert with a proper plan.

The rural municipality is now moving ahead with the aim of ensuring 100 percent enrolment and quality education.

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