Manisha Koirala lauds Nepal’s move to issue new political map, gets trolled


KATHMANDU: Actress Manisha Koirala recently posted a tweet lauding Nepal government’s move to endorse the issuance of a new political map incorporating Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura, and Kalapani as its territories.

What soon followed was a string of merciless trollingtrolls attacking the actress for opining on the issue, which went as far as asking her to leave India. Some Indian TV news channels even went on to produce hourly specials slamming Koirala for speaking her mind.

One of such shows was Khaaengey India kaa, Gaaengey China ka (India will feed them but they will sing songs for China), in which the anchors seem to have been riled not only by Koirala standing up for her country but also because she included China’s mention in her remark.

Nepali social media users, including some politicians and influencers, and many Indians too came to her defence stating that she has every right to opine on an out there geopolitical issue.

Opinions on and reactions to the actress’ tweet have been going around since she put her thought out in the open. Koirala however, has not reacted to the tweets against her or those in her favour, yet.

A Cabinet meeting held on May 18 had approved the issuance of a new political map incorporating Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh, and Kalapani as Nepali territories.

The controversy over Lipulekh-Limpiyadhura-Kalapani surfaced after the inauguration of a link road by India to connect it with Mansarovar of Tibet in China via Lipulekh region, which falls under the Nepali territory.

Government of Nepal raised an objection to the inauguration of the road while human rights activists, students and citizens carried out vehement protests claiming the region as Nepali land.

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