Mahottari administration begins work to bar border points


MAHOTTARI: Mahottari administration has started fencing borders alongside Nepal and India after people continued to enter the country illegally.

According to District Administration Office, Mahottari, fence-building activities have begun within 38.6 kilometres of area adjoining the Indian border.

Though security force has been mobilised along the border points to avoid people’s entry during lockdown, they continue to enter the country, covertly, prompting the district administration to take additional measures.

The district shares border with India at six points, including Matihani, Jaleshwor, Manrashishawa, Ekarda, Samsi and Sonama, which connect to  Madhubani and Sitamarhi districts in India.

”There are news reports that COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Madhubani and Sitamarhi, and with India’s decision to resume railway services, the number of people entering the country covertly amidst the lockdown increases,” said Chief District Officer of Mahottari, Surya Bahadur Khatri.

Some of the infected people found lately in Mahottari and Dhanusha were said to have sneaked into Nepali territory from these two areas of India.

It was easier for people to covertly enter Nepal due to connected human settlements in border area, social and cultural ties, and dense garden sharing territory of both Nepal and India.

The cadres of political parties and social development organisations admitted that though it was required to sensitise people in Nepali settlements about possible entrance of people from the Indian side, and promptly bring the suspects to quarantine, this sensitive issue has been ignored and the problem is continuing to rise.

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