Mahakali Hospital’s isolation ward filled with COVID-19 patients


KANCHANPUR: At least fifteen COVID-19 patients have been admitted to the isolation ward of Mahakali Hospital in Bhimdattanagar Municipality, Kanchanpur district.

The isolation ward has a capacity of 20 beds.

The hospital has started treatment of COVID-19 since Tuesday. Seven persons — residents of Gauriganga Municipality in Kailali district — infected by coronavirus were brought to the hospital and admitted to the ward on Wednesday alone. They were brought here due to lack of beds at the isolation ward of Seti Provincial Hospital, Kailali.

The remaining eight patients are from Kanchanpur district. All the patients are returnees from India. A person who tested positive for coronavirus in the rapid diagnostic test (RDT) has also been kept in the isolation ward.

Dr Saroj Acharya of Mahakali Hospital said that 16 people suspected of carrying coronavirus have also been admitted at the hospital. He said the hospital is filled with patients and suspected cases also due to the delay in getting results of the swab tests using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

The hospital has been facing problems due to lack of beds and delay in the operation of a 50-bed hospital being constructed by the Sudurpaschim Province government.

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