Local farmers lament lack of market as vegetable import escalates in Tanahun


DAMAULI: Milijuli Agricultural Cooperative Ltd based in Baradi, Aanbukhaireni Rural Municipality-1 of Tanahun district had carried out the financial transaction of vegetables worth Rs 11.8 million in the fiscal year 2075/776.

According to President for the cooperative, Ishwor Gauli, the cooperative has made the transaction of Rs 7.7 million in the purchase of vegetables in the current fiscal year. The cooperative has a total of 650 share members.

However, local vegetables have not been able to find market since the nationwide lockdown started. As per the cooperative, among the vegetables, bitter gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, gourd, cucumber, tomato and green chilli have not sold properly.

As the import of vegetables from other districts has escalated, the locally produced vegetables have to be sold at lesser prices, local farmers said.

Although the local administration has, so to speak, banned the import of vegetables from India in a bid to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, vehicles laden with vegetables are seen entering the district, the cooperative president claimed.

Likewise, local farmers argued that the locally produced vegetables would have to be left to rot in farms if the import of vegetables were not controlled.

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