Landslide obstructs Martardi-Saphebagar road section in Bajura


BAJURA: Landslips and floods triggered by incessant rainfall has obstructed vehicular movement along the Martardi-Saphebagar road section in the district for last couple of days.

Despite making constant efforts to clear debris to resume vehicular movement, falling rocks have created problem in doing so, informed the District Police Office, Bajura.

Locals have been affected with the obstruction of the vehicular movement in the area, police said.

Civil Society leader Sher Bahadur Shah said, “The concerned authorities were notified about the pathetic condition and risks associated with movement along the Martardi–Saphe road section two years ago, but to no avail.”

The authorities’ sheer negligence in maintaining the road even this year would certainly put many lives, travelling along the road, at risk, Shah lamented.

One of the local businessmen, Hansa Bahadur Singh urged the government to develop alternate route to end this problem for once and all as the road section comes to a standstill during the monsoon season.

If the government fails to repair the road linking Martardi, the district headquarters of Bajura, to Humla and Mugu districts, the lives of people in these areas would be adversely affected.

For many years now, people living in highlands and terai plains are faced with landslides and floods every year during monsoon. However, authorities have not been able to come up with any solution despite continued appeals.

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