Lamjung homestay prohibited to keep tourists during COVID-19 crisis


BESISAHAR: Owing to the coronavirus crisis, villagers in Lamjung have urged the local homestay operators to refrain from keeping tourists amid the government-imposed nationwide lockdown.

Tourism Management Committee has also warned to slap fine of Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 if anyone is found to be violating the directives.

Prem Ghale, Chair of Rural Tourism, Ghale Gaun, said, “We had warned the homestay operators not to accommodate tourists in the area amid the lockdown.”

“If anyone is found to be giving shelter to travellers at the model smart village, Ghale Gaun, they would be fined a maximum Rs 50,000,” Ghale shared.

The homestay service, which started from 10-houses in the early 2000s, has expanded to 37 houses in Rainas, Ghale Gaun, Kaulepani, Bhujung, Naruwal, among other villages in the district.

Photo: Ramji Rana/THT

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