Key uploads nostalgic video of late Jong-hyun as SHINee turns 12


KATHMANDU: It’s been 12 years since SHINee debuted and to celebrate another year, Key uploaded a special video of their late member Kim Jongh-yun.

According to Koreaboo, the video is a never seen before of the members having dinner together where Jong-hyun and Choi Min-ho start playing an intense game of rock, paper, scissors.

Key included a sweet message for their fans looking back on their 12 years together hoping that the future will be as bright and happy as it has been so far with the fans.

He wrote: “A dozen years of SHINee. I know it means a lot to you and us. It’s already been 12 years since we started off on this journey under the name that makes my heart beat even now. It’s all thanks to everyone’s love and support.

“I’ve lived without a moment of regret and with excitement and anticipation every day, and I trust that I will continue to live as such in the future.

“For today! Let’s look back on the most precious moments from the past.”
He signed off with: “I really love you.”

SHINee are often labelled as ‘Princes of K-pop’ with many current and trending idols naming SHINee as their inspiration for doing music. The group is composed of Onew, Key, Min-ho, and Tae-min, while vocalist Jong-hyun died in December 2017 due to an apparent suicide.

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