K-pop girl group TWICE’s MORE & MORE MV faces ‘prop’ plagiarism slur


KATHMANDU: K-pop girl group TWICE’s recently released music video MORE & MORE is being called out for plagiarism.

Art creator Davis McCarty, who is known for creating crystal sculptures in rainbow hues, says that a prop used in the music video looks very similar to one of his projects.

According to Koreaboo, the lookalike sculpture is featured in the last chorus before TWICE break into their dance break. The girls are shown standing on a platform with the rainbow sculpture afloat on a river.

The prop looks similar to McCarty’s work for Baltimore’s Light City Art Walk of April 2018.

The outlet quoted McCarty’s now deleted post pointing to the similarity between the two structures as “blatant copyright infringement”.

He had also asked his followers on how he could reach the proper party (JYP Entertainment) and asked them to share the post.

JYP Entertainment on their part have released a statement saying they had asked the music video’s producers to resolve the issue smoothly with McCarty.

They also plan to create a system that will prevent such incidents from happening.

Link to the music video: https://youtu.be/mH0_XpSHkZo

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