K-pop boyband AB6IX’s leader Lim Young-min quits group after DUI scandal


KATHMANDU: K-pop boyband AB6IX member Lim Young-min will be leaving the group after his recent DUI.

The group’s label Brand New Music made the announcement of Lim’s withdrawal from the group on June 8 on a fan community site, and also sited changes to the group’s comeback, slated for June 29, according to The Korea Times.

Lim, who was also the leader of the group, was in the spotlight after his DUI was revealed on June 5.

The group had to postpone the release of their album VIVID, originally scheduled for June 8.

“After a thorough discussion with Lim, we decide to respect his opinion that he does not want to jeopardise the group any longer,” the label said in the statement.

The Korea Times also reports that adjustments the label is making to exclude Lim from the album’s tracks, music video, and related promotional goods that have already been completed.

“We have re-recorded all six tracks with just four members … CDs that have been previously made will be discarded to be newly produced with the tracks,” it said. “The choreography will also be adjusted to a new version.”

However, the agency noted there were still limits in cropping out Lim from all the group’s work, as Lim’s had taken part in great portion of the album.

It explained that some parts of the title music video and fan goods would include Lim, as changes could not be made with some finalised content.

“We send our sincere apology for asking fans for understanding and promise to come back with good music and content to pay back your support,” it said.

The group ― Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi and formerly Lim ― debuted in 2019 with the album B:COMPLETE.

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