Indian state apparatus active to topple me, but they won’t succeed : PM Oli


The PM said Indian state apparatus was surprisingly active to topple him from power for amending the constitution to depict Limpiyadhura, Lipuelekh and Kalapani in the national emblem.

His own party lawmaker Ram Kumari Jhankri, however, said the PM’s remarks were aimed at diverting people’s attention from real issues.

Addressing a programme organized to mark the 69th birth anniversary of late Madan Bhandari, the PM said, “You must have heard from Indian media that I am going to be unseated within a week or two weeks. You must have heard the Indian intellectuals’ debate about this. Indian state apparatus is surprisingly active,” the PM said and added an embassy was also active against him.

He, however, did not name the embassy.

The PM ‘reminded’ how he was removed from power in 2016 when he signed trade and transit agreements with China. “But if anybody is dreaming about removing me from power, then they must know that they would never succeed in their attempt because nationalism is not that weak today,” the PM said.

In an indirect reference to rival faction of the party that wants the PM to adhere to ‘one person, one post’ line– the PM said that no leader should harbor any prejudice against him.

PM Oli went on to say that he had no desire to remain in power for long, but if he was removed from now, no subsequent Prime Minister would be able to take a stand in favour of the country and yet prevail strong in adverse situations, as he has. He expressed confidence that neither his party nor the Parliamentary Party would seek to remove him from power.

PM Oli shared that some people were telling him that by amending the constitution to depict the territories of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani in the emblem, it made the issue a point of no return and it was indeed the case. “Yes we made it a point of no return because we want our land back,” the PM said.

“Some party leaders have citizenship of this country but offer such arguments that help others,” he said.

Furthermore, he joined dots of events to 2016 and said that when the then government signed trade and transit agreement with China, he proved that mountains on the northern border were not obstacles anymore.

“We were not only a landlocked country but also India locked. Now we are in a position to take benefit from both neighbours in trade and transit issues.”

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