How small luxury retail businesses throughout the world are handling the pandemic — and their hopes for what comes next


The company was not reliant on brick-and-mortar stores, and its products were primarily sold online; still, it is feeling the ripple effects of consumers becoming more cautious with their spending.

Khan says the company is not focused on sales at the moment, realizing that now might not be the best time to push sales on people who are dealing with the economic ramifications of the pandemic. Instead, the company is focusing on being “good community members” and is seeking to have a “reassuring voice” to its consumers.

“You look at our Instagram, it’s almost like a personal relationship with [our customers],” Khan said. “We are providing a lot — locally, not just on social media — to help people with understanding the situation they’re in, and making sense of it.”

After the pandemic, Yang and Khan say they hope the luxury retail industry pivots to become more sustainable. Both say they want companies, and specifically large conglomerates, to start becoming more appreciative of their employees. Yang feels that some companies have become so big, the wellbeing of their workers comes as a second thought.

“We would like to see that brands are better stewards of the environment, of their customers, of their collaborators,” Khan said. “And we would like to see consumers being more thoughtful in their consumption.”

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