House committee directs govt to prioritise expansion of internet service


KATHMANDU: The Development and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives has directed the government to keep the expansion of broadband internet service under high priority during allocation of next fiscal year’s budget.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has been operating the broadband internet service via Rural Telecommunications Development Fund.

The Committee, in an attempt to bring government’s attention to the need of rapid development and expansion of internet service throughout the country, said that it is necessary to make every sector (including education, health and industry) technology-friendly in view of the situation brought about by COVID-19 pandemic.

The Committee’s meeting instructed the government and other concerned authorities to pay attention to make a clear-cut action plan and expand timely quality services.

It issued directive after acquiring information regarding the progress made so far in connection with expansion of the broadband internet service from officials of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Nepal Telecommunications Authority and Nepal Telecom.

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