Hollywood’s Martin Scorsese talks lockdown anxiety in homemade short film


KATHMANDU: Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese has captured his lockdown experiences in a homemade short film where he talks about anxiety, relief as well as workload.

In the short that premiered on May 28 edition of Lockdown Culture on BBC Two, he said “didn’t realise that the lockdown was going to be so intense”.

In a video including a clip from Scorsese’s five-minute film, tweeted by Lockdown Culture host Dame Mary Beard is seen saying, “In a way since March 13th… been quite a while now that I have been quarantined. Like many people who didn’t realise that the lockdown was going to be so intense. We had been working so hard on so many different projects, things were spinning and spinning and spinning and suddenly there was a crash — and stop. At first, it was a day or so of a kind of relief. I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. I mean, I had to do everything, but I didn’t have to do it then. It was a kind of relief. And then the anxiety set in.”

In the series Beard examines the links between risk, culture and creativity.

“Martin Scorsese makes a wonderful end to the series. We see him at home, thinking about lockdown through the lens of classic movies, like Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man,” IANS quoted Beard as saying.

The series will also feature director Lee Daniels, who will explain why the lockdown in Hollywood could be a radical creative opportunity for filmmakers.

Link to Beard’s tweet: https://bit.ly/2zGjOo1

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