Health Minister says ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign justifiable


KATHMANDU: Activists of ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign today held a discussion with the Minister of Health and Population, Bhanubhakta Dhakal, to draw the government’s attention towards the demands put forth by the campaigners.

They have insisted that the government take the demands seriously and act on them with priority to contain transmission of COVID-19, which is on the rise. They especially drew the Ministry’s attention towards the ongoing hunger strike being carried out by some of the campaigners demanding government’s efficient response to the present crisis.

Nayan Tara Gurung Kakshyapati, Aalok Subedi, Sanjay Adhikari, Pritim Subedi, and Brabim Kumar represented the group and presented the demands of the campaigners.

Photo Courtesy: Enough is Enough Nepal Campaign/Twitter

In response, Minister Dhakal showed positive affirmation that the ongoing protests and ‘satyagraha’ are meaningful and that he would take their demands to the government.

The Ministry is also holding a meeting this evening for further discussion. The representatives from the campaign have addressed their demands and have asked the government to hold a meeting or discussion to reflect on their wants.

Since the peaceful protests carried out by the campaigners didn’t lead to any conclusive results, four activists have been on a hunger strike since June 26. The campaigners have strictly sought government’s attention stating that consequences of the coronavirus crisis will directly be government’s responsibility, and therefore, action on their part is imperative.

Photo Courtesy: Enough is Enough Nepal Campaign/Twitter

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