Google Search Shows Nepal Area as 147,516 km²


Earlier, Nepal has released a new Nepal map featuring new 335 km² land.





Google Search Shows Nepal Area as 147,516 km²

Google search engine seems to be more proactive in accepting the fact that Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipu Lekh are the parts of Nepal.

The Google search engine started showing the new area measures of Nepal, i.e., 147,516 sq. km. Earlier, the search engine used to display 147, 181 sq. km as the area of Nepal.

Recently on May 20, the Nepali Government has released the new political and administrative map of Nepal incorporating Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipu Lekh, the territories encroached by India.

Accordingly, the Survey Department has decided to print around 3,000 new maps of Nepal.

Meanwhile, Nepali Film Actor Rajesh Hamal posted a video message on Facebook claiming that the disputed territories are part of Nepal.

Nepali Film Actor Rajesh Hamal

“Limpiyadhura and Lipu Lekh belong to Nepal. Nepal has evidence about it. We humbly request India that India should accept the fact,” said the post.

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