Four arrested for murdering daughter-in-law in Makawanpur


HETAUDA: Makawanpur Police on Monday made public four persons arrested on the charge of murdering a woman in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City-4 on June 15.

Sushmita KC, 24, was found dead inside her kitchen the following day.

Police arrested deceased’s father-in-law Prakash Thapa (58), mother-in-law Tulasa Thapa (50), and sisters-in-law Durga Thapa (27) and Sita Thapa (23).

During the press meet, Superintendent of Police (SP) Sushil Singh Rathore informed that police, after a detailed investigation, found that KC was murdered by her husband’s family for the insurance money of her deceased husband, Rupendra Thapa.

Police had arrested Prakash and Sita on June 18 and had proceeded with the investigation. During which, police found that the family had been psychologically abusing Sushmita, claiming money from various insurances of Rupendra who died last September in a road accident. Police also found that the father-in-law had even tried to rape her.

Police after the investigation found that Prakash and Sita had direct involvement in the murder, Tulasa had witnessed the murder while Durga had advised on the crime.

According to police, Prakash and Sita murdered Sushmita on June 15 by pelting her head with stick and stones. They then locked the kitchen door from inside, came out from the window, to make it look like a suicide.

The family only informed their neighbours about the death the next day claiming that Sushmita had died by suicide.

The deceased had received Rs 500,000 vehicle accident insurance money and Rs 177,000 from his social security fund while Prakash had received Rs 1 million for his son’s life insurance. The family had also been in a conflict over Rs 3.828 million from Rupendra’s office for which all three — father, mother, Sushmita (wife) — were nominees.

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