“Fear has lost its meaning”


CHITWAN: Fear has lost its meaning, says Rama Devkota, Nursing In-charge at Bharatpur Hospital, one of the hospitals designated to the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Chitwan district.

In the earlier days of this pandemic, we were uncertain about our roles and safety in case we were to be involved in the treatment of coronavirus patients. With the continuous news of frontline workers like nurses and doctors becoming casualties of this virus, fear deepened, Devkota said.

She added that juniors nurses were afraid if they were deployed in the isolation wards to the extent of thinking of leaving their job. Some were pressurised by their families.

However, when the actual situation came before them, they did not betray their duty but were involved wholeheartedly into the cause, nurse Devkota further added.

The beginning was hard for us as we had little experience on how to handle the COVID-19 cases and there was a lack of personnel protective gears. However, with the help and counselling of doctors and medical experts, we dedicated ourselves for the care and treatment of coronavirus patients, she added.

Now the fear of coronavirus has lost its meaning; it is our duty and with adequate care, we can keep ourselves and others safe while we work, she said.

Shristi Mahato, another nurse on duty in the isolation ward of the same hospital, said, “Earlier days were uncertain, but now, we are on the frontline of this ‘war’.” She added, “We have come in terms with it; this is our duty and we will complete it.”

Bharatpur Hospital has 85 beds in its isolations ward dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 patients. There have been two coronavirus patients so far, with one discharged after recovering from the virus.

Another health facility dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 was established in Bharatpur, named Bharatpur Corona Special (Temporary) Hospital. However, due to irregularities in medical supplies and finances at the health facility, treatment of coronavirus infection was shifted to Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan. 

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