Dr Runa Jha recognised as one among five prominent female frontline workers by UN Women


KATHMANDU: The UN Women, in a recent report, appreciated a few women from around the world who with their contributions have been relentlessly combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Among those receiving recognition, Dr Runa Jha of Nepal is one, who has been proving her mettle in an excruciating battle during the crisis of an unprecedented magnitude.

Dr Runa Jha is the Chief Pathologist and Director of the Kathmandu-based National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), which is the singular laboratory in the country authorised to perform the COVID-19 testing.

Pulling all nighters or sacrificing family time in the course of duty, Dr Jha has been a great leader and a motivator to those in need.

“I want to hug my daughter and take care of my parents, but this sacrifice needs to be made to keep them and others safe,” she says.

The story Jha’s leadership on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response in Nepal is just one among many that will make a lasting impression, silencing the critics.

Along with Dr Jha, the organisation has also recognised Amal Al Mahayrah and Hadeel Dabaibeh of Jordan, Yan Shenglian of China, Dina Smailova of Kazakhstan and Ryancia Henry of Antigua and Barbuda for their exemplary work during the times of crisis.

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