Decision made to rescue stranded Nepalis through Gaddachauki transit


KANCHANPUR: Kanchanpur District Administration Office has decided to rescue Nepalis stranded at the Indian side through Gaddachauki transit point.

The meeting of District Security Committee held on Sunday decided to let people through Gaddachauki transit only and seal off other transit points completely.

All of the returnees will have to undergo health examination before entering Nepal.

According to Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur, Nur Hari Khatiwada, all preparations including medical examination and security at Gaddachauki have been made for this purpose.

A team of health workers and doctors would carry out health checkups while the Armed Police Force (APF) and Nepal Police personnel will ensure systematic entry of people.

Around 70,000 citizens have entered the country through Gaddachauki transit point as of May 22. Apart from that, they have been sneaking into Nepal from Chandani Dodhara, Brahmadev, Belauri and Punarbas, among other areas.

Kanchanpur DAO had decided to shut down Gaddachauki border point from Tuesday for an indefinite period.

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