COVID-19 infected persons moving about freely in Bajura


BAJURA: Persons infected with Covid-19 have reportedly been moving about freely in Bajura district and participating in gatherings which has risked community transmission of the disease.

More than 300 cases of the coronavirus infection including death of a two-year-old child have been recorded in the district. Infected persons without any symptoms of or complications from the disease have been sent home with an agreement of staying in self-isolation in lack of sufficient isolation facilities in the district.

However, it has been learnt that infected persons have been defying home-isolation protocols putting their family members and villagers at the risk of contraction.

Their presence and involvement have been seen in major gatherings, wedding ceremonies, paddy plantations, government initiated construction projects, among others.

On Monday, a Covid-19 patient was part of an important gathering as confirmed by a local in Budhiganga Municipality-1. “I had to remain mum as the disclosure might have created panic,” said the local.

In the municipality, another infected person was reported to have attended a wedding ceremony. On being questioned about his negligence, the person responded by saying that he did so as he had no symptoms of the infection and “felt fine”.

Moreover, Chief of District Health Office, Daya Krishna Panta, stated that persons who had not developed any complications were sent home after completion of the mandatory 14-day quarantine period, prior to arrival of their PCR reports. This too adds the risk of transmission if people are not careful.

As the nation grapples with a major health crisis due to coronavirus transmission being on the surge, a negligence of this stature not only paints an incompetent picture of government’s preparedness but also unacceptable laxity on the part of the citizens. This could very well lead to a community transmission — a reality already witnessed in other parts of the country, capable of further paralysing the entire health system.

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