Could it mean BTS Suga’s return as Agust D?


KATHMANDU: The countdown started by Big Hit Entertainment with their mysterious teaser in hazy visuals has been making ARMYs worldwide go crazy, most of them left wondering and speculating what it could mean.

For the past five days, Big Hit Entertainment has been releasing countdown teasers captioned ‘D-7’, ‘D-6’, and so on.

Photo Courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment/Twitter

Well, Big Hit Entertainment has finally given fans a clearer clue and fans think they know what the images mean!

According to Allkpop, the label uploaded their newest teaser image showing a faceless figure blurred in the background.

Fans are speculating that the teasers could indicate BTS member Suga’s comeback under his solo artiste name Agust D.

According to koreaboo, after the label dropped their clearest teaser yet for ‘D-3’, the votes are currently divided between Suga and Jungkook, who are both working on mixtapes.

The media portal says the scales could tilt in in Agust D’s favour as on May 2, Suga had hosted ‘DJ Suga Honey FM 0.613’, a live, audio-only broadcast with Rap Monster (RM). At one point, they talked about Suga’s in-progress sequel to Agust D and its release date. Many listeners were disappointed to hear that Suga would not be releasing Agust D 2 any time soon. “Not today or tomorrow,” he had said.

“It’s a shame,” RM had replied not pressing the subject further.

ARMYs are now wondering if RM, aka the spoiler king, knew more than he was telling. Now all they can do is wait, a couple more days.

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