Coronavirus infected people wander freely in Bajura district


BAJURA: Many coronavirus infected persons are wandering freely in a village in Bajura district.

According to the locals, the infected persons have been venturing without restriction in the village areas after they were sent home from quarantine facility in Badimalika Municipality.

As many as 40 cases of coronavirus transmission have been detected in the Municipality, among which 32 persons were sent home prior to getting a negative on a repeat PCR test. The same people have reportedly been scouting freely.

According to the Mayor of the Municipality, Padam Baduwal, the PCR test results did not arrive for two weeks. Subsequently, those in quarantine demanded to return home. The persons were sent home on the condition of remaining in home isolation as they did not exhibit any symptoms of the infection.

One of the infected person lamented that it is not possible for him to stay in a separate room given that the family already had insufficient rooms.

As prescribed by the Ministry, the persons had completed 14-days of quarantine stay and had not exhibited any complications relevant to the ailment, following which they were sent home, stated Chief of Bajura Public Health Office, Daya Krishna Panta.

The locals are now fearing that such a mismanagement during these critical times could lead to community transmission, which would be more difficult to contain and spreads at an even rampant rate.

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