Constant downpour likely to cause rivers to surge later this week


KATHMANDU: As monsoon begins to peak with downpour being a constant everyday feature in the past couple of weeks, people across various parts of the country are facing increased risk of floods and other season related disasters in the coming days.

Meteorological Forecasting Division shared that the country is currently affected by monsoon wind and presumes that for the next three days, the flow in major rivers will increase, but still remaining below the warning level. However, in rivulets such as Kankai, Bagmati, Tinau, Rapti West, Babai, the  water flow may reach warning level.

The division has made a forecast that all the rivers in the country will see a surge from July 9 and alerts that there is high probability of floods in the rivers and rivulets, throughout, in between the duration from July 10 to 13. The MFD has requested people to take adequate precautions to minimise risks.

It said that Kankai, Koshi, Kamala, Bagmati, Narayani, and their tributaries, as well as almost all rivers flowing through the Chure range and Tarai of Province 1 and 2, will cross the warning level, some of which may approach the danger level.

Meanwhile, the weather is presumed to remain generally cloudy throughout the country today with light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning likely to occur at many places. Chances of heavy rainfall remain at one or two places of the Province 1, Province 2, Gandaki Province and Province 5.

Bagmati Province, Gandaki Province and Province 5 will witness downpour at night.

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