Chinese envoy Hou Yanqi meets with another senior NCP leader


KATHMANDU: Ambassador of China to Nepal Hou Yanqi has reportedly met with senior NCP leader Jhalanath Khanal today. This is the second instance in three days wherein the Chinese envoy met with a senior ruling party leader as disputes within the NCP (NCP) are at an all time high.

A close source to Khanal said that the Chinese envoy held talks with former Prime Minister Khanal for around 45 minutes this morning at the latter’s residence in Swayambhu in the capital city.

Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have dubbed the ambassador’s recent moves sheer violation of diplomatic norms and conduct. The standard protocol demands that there be a representative of the Foreign Ministry present during such meetings, which was not how the meeting proceeded.

Yanqi, on Sunday, had met with another senior leader of the party Madhav Kumar Nepal, raising eyebrows as the meeting took place at a time when the internal rift within the NCP is heading towards a climax.

Although details of Yanqi’s meeting with Nepal were not revealed, it was not difficult to guess that she went to see Nepal in a bid to reconcile differences within the ruling party.

And now, her meeting with Khanal has further fueled speculation regarding China’s ‘interests’ in internal matters of the ruling party.

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