Chinese Embassy asks its citizens to adhere to Nepal’s laws


KATHMANDU: The Chinese Embassy has asked its citizens in Nepal to comply with the laws of the country following their clash with police that erupted in the capital yesterday.

On Friday, Chinese protesters were arrested after a clash with police personnel at the gates of Singha Durbar while demanding their repatriation to China. As many as six personnel were injured.

Taking to Nepali state media, the Chinese Embassy stated that China has always demanded that its citizens in Nepal should strictly abide by the laws and regulations of Nepal, express reasonable demands rationally and in accordance with the laws. “In consultation and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the Nepali Police, the incident has been properly dealt with,” said the Embassy.

The Chinese Embassy further added that they have been reminding Chinese nationals to cooperate with the measures, avoid going out unnecessarily, and wait patiently for the lift on flight suspension. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have requested the Nepali side to protect legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizens.

The Chinese nationals have been detained in Nepal Police Club, Bhrikutimandap. Police said they would hold talks with officials at the Embassy of China before releasing the demonstrators.


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