BTS’s Talented Maknae


KATHMANDU: Jungkook of BTS can do more than sing and dance — he can draw!

On May 13, BTS unveiled the artistic side of the band’s Golden Maknae on their official YouTube channel Bangtantv.

In the new Bangtang Bomb clip, the artiste is seen doodling on a whiteboard in the MAMA waiting room. The K-pop star started drawing a crescent moon as the band’s number Just One Day played in the background. And the simple moon transformed into a detailed artwork depicting a night sky, cloud, abstract eye, man fishing while sitting on the moon. The drawing made in just 20 minutes saw a very focussed Jungkook pay good attention to the details.

While the ARMY are sure to be impressed by the talented artiste’s skills, even his bandmates appeared surprised by Jungkook’s creation.

J-Hope (Hobi) is seen thoroughly impressed while also trying to get the credit for the work by signing at the side of the board! And the duo share a good laughter in the process.

This is not the first time Kookie has drawn — from J-Hope’s shoes to Suga’s portrait and Jimin’s tattoo, the talented Maknae has created some amazing artworks in the past.

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