BTS’s Suga draws international netizens’ ire for sampling cult leader Jim Jones’ speech in What Do You Think?


KATHMANDU: There is negative attention surrounding BTS Suga’s track What Do You Think? from his recently released mixtape D-2 as solo artiste Agust D after it was found that he had used infamous cult leader Jim Jones’ sermon as the intro.

What Do You Think? has a man speaking in English before Agust D starts his song.

The English in question is an excerpt from a sermon by Jim Jones, a cult leader who directed a mass murder-suicide of 909 people — 304 of the deaths were children.

The Jim Jones sermon Agust D sampled was from his 1977 sermon in Jonestown and goes as follows: “… though you are dead, yet you shall live, and he that liveth and believeth shall never die”.

Koreaboo notes that international netizens are angry that Suga used a sermon from such a controversial figure, and how some ARMYs knew about the sampling but let the whole thing slide, and doing so even now.

They are upset that Suga included a sermon from such a person in his song when he had a choice from “literally millions of songs to sample but suga/yoongi/agust d used a sermon from jim jones, a cult leader that killed around 900 people. no matter what the song’s message was, YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A MASS MURDERER IN A SONG. it’s idiotic and extremely insensitive”.

But some ARMYs have come to Suga’s defence saying he used the sermon as an example to show the critics of as the lyrics for the song are all his responses to the critics who have plagued BTS on their path to worldwide fame.

Neither Suga nor Big Hit Entertainment has commented on the matter so far.

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