BTS Suga’s sampling of infamous cult leader Jim Jones’ speech was intentional, claim sources 


KATHMANDU: BTS Suga has said he didn’t know it was not right to incorporate a 1977 Jim Jones’ speech as introduction to his track What Do You Think? in his second mixtape D-as solo artiste Agust D. However, reports say that the K-pop artiste was well aware of who Jones was and did so intentionally.
The evidence of this intent is a non-title track Set Me Free.

Allkpop quotes a WikiTree report of June 1 that states that Suga’s track Set Me Free, also from D-2, referenced Post Malone’s Jonestown.

This is the same place where the ‘Jonestown massacre’ by cult leader Jim Jones took place. Jones directed a mass murder-suicide of 909 people — 304 of the deaths were children, on November 18, 1978.

The portal goes on to state that Suga had reportedly asked for advice from a famous Korean producer who has produced for other idol groups and collaborated with famous artistes overseas.
It quotes an informant as revealing: “If Post Malone had not released a song called Jonestown, Suga’s Set Me Free could not have been born.”

A company had analysed the code’s progression from both songs, and they noticed both have the same flow and order. Both recordings were close to the top of the B code choice, and appears in a four-word riff, beginning with C code, reports Kpopstarz.

Plus the overall arrangement of instruments (base, guitar, drum) and BPMs were also similar. The vocal melodies were also similar.

It quotes the source as explaining, “I can say without a reasonable doubt that Suga was hooked on Jonestown and made it as a reference.”

On May 31, BTS label Big Hit Entertainment had released a statement and apologised about the sampling in What Do You Think? saying the producer “was unaware of the identity”, and also removed the sample from the track.

Shortly after the rumour of Suga being aware of who Jim Jones began surfacing, Big Hit released a new statement to counter the claims.

“As we divulged in our initial statement, the producer of this song selected the audio sample as he was considering the mood of the track, with no ulterior intentions and no knowledge of the person who delivered the speech.”



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