BTS label Big Hit announce auditions for females for first time, but with a catch


KATHMANDU: For the first time Big Hit Entertainment, home to K-pop acts like BTS and TXT, are opening auditions for females.

Koreaboo reports that Big Hit finally reopened its doors to female talent on June 17.

However, it is not open to everyone — only females from Japan can audition this time.

The criteria are — applicants must have been born after January 1, 2001, be currently living in Japan, and have no current ties to other entertainment companies.

Even those with no vocal/dance experience are welcome to apply through the Big Hit Japan Audition official LINE.

The portal states Big Hit Entertainment’s first and only girl group, GLAM, debuted in 2012 and disbanded in 2015 after multiple controversies. Perhaps GLAM’s failure is believed to be the reason why Big Hit switched its focus to boy groups only.

Earlier this month, Big Hit Audition had announced their annual round of auditions, only open to males born in 2003 or later.

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