Bhuwan Dhungana’s book ‘Parityekta’ hits the stands amid lockdown


KATHMANDU: With the market crawling towards normalcy with the easing of lockdown restrictions, Nepalaya Publications has decided to release the pending stock of books for the readers.

The Publications, through a statement released today, declared that they have decided to resume  launching of books which were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and they chose Parityekta authored by Bhuwan Dhungana for the same.

‘Parityekta’ is a work of fiction, written in the first person’s stream-of-consciousness narrative, said the statement.

“The story unravels the internal landscape of a woman, who, while branching out into many roles of daughter, beloved, wife and mother, constantly stumbles upon the well of loneliness from which the sense of abandonment springs perennially.”

“I am glad that after some delay the book will finally reach the market,” author of the book, Dhungana said. “When you birth a book, the author knows that it can only fully come alive once it reaches the hands of the readers. So, the process of watching it take the shape of a book and then to finally reach into the hands of the readers is the most satisfying feeling an author can have.”

Bhuwan Dhungana’s Parityekta is priced at Rs.275 for the Nepali market.

It will also be available in all leading bookstores within the country and will also be simultaneously available as ebook on and worldwide through, according to Nepalaya.

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