AOMG founder-Kpop artiste Jay Park hints at early retirement, again


KATHMANDU: Jay Park, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and head of hip-hop label AOMG has hinted at his retirement, again.

Sharing a snippet of his song Encore from his new EP Nothing Matters on Instagram on July 3, he captioned it: “I think I’ve done my best and feel like I can leave without regrets,” according to Kpopstarz.

Park had hinted at early retirement in a 2018 interview: “I think I’m going to retire early. It’s not easy to always pour out my energy for so many people.”

He had confirmed the news again in a 2019 tweet, reports the portal.

Park had cited that there was not enough space in the game for guys like him.

Jay Park made his debut with 2PM in 2008 as the group’s leader and rapper. He was known as Jaebeom then. In 2009, he withdrew from the group after unfavourable comments towards Korea were found in his MySpace account of 2005. He ended up leaving the company and the group in 2010.

In 2013, he found his own label AOMG, a hip-hop entertainment label that is home to numerous Korean hip-hop artistes.

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